Wednesday, October 2, 2013

18 Months of knowing heaven on earth

 We now have a year and a half year old.
 Can you believe it?

Which is crazy to say, but my oh my has this year and a half been the best!  We could not have
 18 Months brought us:
23.5 lbs.
32in long
120% above our hearts.
  • 12 month pants and shirts for the most part.  12-18 month john johns.  Growing into 18 month shirts.  Moved intoMore vocabulary growth by the day.  
  • "funnY"-  He has learned what the word funny means and has enjoyed telling us when he does something he deems "funny".  Or sees something funny happy, like Keightley running down the street and us chasing after him.
  • "happy"-  he says it when he's....well happy!  :)  Makes a momma's heart smile.  "oh Happy Day!"  has also been a favorite lately, it comes when I tell him we are going to do something fun or during the simple pleasures like eating a blueberry waffle.  :)
  • Enjoyment from the great outdoors is still his numero Uno, but when the mosquitos are getting the best of him he has found great enjoyment in imaginary play, especially his play new play kitchen.  He also enjoys bringing us books that he requests to be read.  
  • independent exploration- he he has enjoyed trying to do more and more on his own.  feeding himself with his utensils, holding his banana on his own, putting on his shoes and attempting to fasten them.  This independence can also be seen clearly in his emotions.  He has learned to throw a good emotional outburst now and then and has still been hitting and kicking at times.  
  • Time Outs have been brought in to play.  He has a chair, he sits for one minute.  He is not upset by it at all which is great, and he doesn't try to get up until I tell him he can.  *amazing.  It usually diffuses the situation that brought him there and though I know he doesn't completely understand it's a start.  
  • Little Mr. Independent decided to refuse his mommy a night night kiss tonight for the 2nd time in a week.  Which proves independence and mommy heartbreak begins. 
  • The independent little one is also giving at time, self initiated hugs, kisses, and I love yous,  and that is what we live for! 

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