Monday, September 30, 2013

Pudding Painting Project

Last week I posted this picture on instagram.
 I had quite a few comments and texts from mommy's wanting to know what we used to make his painting edible.  So I thought I'd share in our fun and let you laugh at an artist at work.  

Pudding paint is tons of fun and perfect for little ones still exploring the world through their mouth.  I knew if I gave H regular paint he would eat the stuff for sure.  So we got the idea of painting with vanilla pudding from our friends over at Busy and the Beans.   The first time around I made a bowl of vanilla pudding and let him help me stir it up.  Then we mixed in some food coloring and headed to the basement in a diaper.  I gave him a paint brush and some marshmallows to use as painting tools.
 The little artist dug into the project quite well and once he discovered the marshmallows got squishy and slimy he couldn't stop exploring. 
 and tasting......"Mmmmmm mommy!"
 Needless to say we needed a bath.  I was extremely proud of myself for having a genius moment and grabbing a tablecloth before letting VanGogh get wild on my basement floors. 
Cause get wild he did!

This past week when painting I used an individual package of vanilla pudding and distributed it in a sectioned off plate.  We headed outside for our little adventure because the weather was nice and I liked the idea of just being able to strip off his clothes and spray down the play area.  
Once he figures out the pudding is tasty the painting is usually done.  The result from this project was a little boy who basically ate pudding for dinner and two priceless masterpieces to hang on the fridge.  Next time we're trying plain yogurt....not so tasty, we may whip out a whole room full of art! 


  1. Stopping by from For Love of Cupcakes. Edible painting is such a fun idea! Thanks for sharing.

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