Monday, September 2, 2013

17 months of knowing heaven on earth

Lately we have been quite busy.  Mostly just watching this boy do amazing things.  17 months old today and getting better and better. 
17 months brought us:
  • Words, words, and more words.  This guy is saying anything and everything.  Literally anything we say he is parroting the words right out of our mouth.  He is speaking in phrases some of the time saying "Thank you, Mommy" "Ball, have it" "Hi, Mommy" "Hi, Daddy" "Hold you" "shoot it" "dunk it" "milk, hold it" "more book" "read it" and our favorite one yet, and probably ever in this life;  "I duv do" - more universally known as I love you.  He says it back to us, and every sweet once in a while for some unknown reason, he says it on his own.  
  • We have been saying our prayers around Henry at dinner and at bed time forever.  Recently he started saying "Amen" with us.  Now he says it as a request to say our prayers.  It's the sweetest little reminder to always give thanks.   
  • Obsessed with lawnmowers he is saying "lawnmower" plain and clear about 30 times a day.  Sometimes randomly, sometimes when he hears one, and sometimes because he wants to go find one.
  • He is still king of being cautious but has become much more adventurous in certain scenarios.  He has loved going to the pool the last few weeks and is going down the slide completely on his own.  
  • His appetite has slowed down for the most part unless it involves crackers.
  • Sleep- is happening through the night completely.  He is still on two naps one around 10:30 and the other around 4:00.  
  • Wearing- size 12 month and some 12-18 month.  Size 5 shoes.  
  • We started allowing him to watch a few cartoons which usually involves a little Thomas the Train or Super Why in the morning.  I've found it allows me the time to empty the dishwasher and make his breakfast which equals a happy mommy and a happy Henry. 
  • He loves being read to and has started pretending to read to himself.  
  • We are still able to snuggle and rock together before bedtime, which makes this mommy very happy.  
  • I feel like he is growing into a little person that I'm hanging out with throughout the day instead of just my little baby.  It's all a wonderful and exciting little journey. 

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