Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Football Fan in the Making

UK football is special in our hearts.  No it's not the way we pass the ball, or hold that line that makes these Wildcat hearts shine.  See, these two lovebirds met on the steps of Commonwealth stadium a mere 7 years ago.  This September we kept up that Big Blue tradition by taking our sweet boy to his first football game, and that my friends equals success.
Our expectations of the game and Henry's stamina at this event were equally low.  However, Henry proved Vegas wrong, holding strong well into the 4th quarter.
I don't think you could have a more special introduction to this sporting event.  This little rookie had his parents, Pop (grandfather), and Pepaw (great grandfather)  all in tow.  Not a bad way to go my little son.  Welcome to the world of sports, of tailgating, of heartbreaking, of highs and lows, memories, and moments you will treasure forever. 

He began practicing "fooball" as soon as he awoke from his nap that day and has since ran around the house carrying the "fooball" saying "fun".  I think we have a football fan on our hands my friends. 


  1. A) this beyond presh B) You look amazingly gorgeously happy in every pic lately. :)
    Nikki at

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    1. Thank you so much Nikki! We are forever happy with this little ball of joy!