Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Standing Proud. To be an American.

 September eleventh.  Forever in our hearts.  Twelve years have passed and the memories for me have become a bit sharpened this year.  Just twelve days before I stood there,  and remembered.  It was my first time in NYC and visiting the 9/11 memorial was a must.  The immensity of this place can not be described in pictures or videos.  The knowledge of what happened and the sadness that replaced it will forever be known to America.  Standing in front of the two memorials is something to be in awe of.  The artists did a truly amazing job instilling the magnitude of devastation that happened here, but in the most graceful and chilling way.  At first sight, the memorial literally took the breathe from my lungs.  Like being dealt one large and devastating punch.  The constant fall of water into a never ending square whole of water gave the illusion in my mind of that slow descent of the towers that crumbled.  You can not help but be moved here.  
I found my gaze slowly creeping towards the sky as the sound of a nearby helicopter softly sent chills through my body.   What I saw made me proud.  The newly resurrected Freedom Tower stands proud and beautiful and somehow made me feel good about what our country is, how it came back from that ugly time, and hopeful that those most deeply effected by the tragedy felt here now know a happier and more peaceful life. 

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