Monday, October 7, 2013

Construction Site Delight

Today we turned an over eager Mom moment into an extra cool adventure.  
I made my way across town this morning ready to seek out the new Costco.  With such excitment surrounding it's arrival and everyone talking about it, we were ready to brave the crowd and see what all the fuss was about. 
Boy did we find the mother load!  
Turns out their doors aren't open for another week and a half and this silly ol' Mom paid no attention to the dates on the flier that were sent in the mail.  *sigh
Don't you worry friends, we found something far better than bulk tubs of organic yogurt.  
Ladies and Gentlemen, we found a construction site!  
In action!  
Ready for a little boy to feast his eyes on all things big, loud, and dirty.  So I got him out of the car and we took a good walk around the amazing scene. 
We watched dump trucks dump, and front loaders load.  We saw crane's lift, and bulldozers push.  
There were lots of "oh boys!" and pointing from this guy.  There were even tears and shouts of "more trucks", as we pulled out of the parking lot. 

So I highly suggest you grab your nearest truck enthusiast and take em out to see the sites before their job is done!  In fact we may just see ya there.  I mean, how fun would it be to pack a picnic and go watch em work?  *genius!


  1. Love it! My little guy would love this too!

    1. Well pack up your lunch one day and go searching Emily! It's surprising how many construction sites are out there if your looking for them. :) Would love to hear about Owen's reaction! :)