Thursday, October 17, 2013

Weekend Recap-Family Style

This past weekend we traveled to western Kentucky to visit Barry's grandparents.  Henry was happy to hand out hugs and show off for his great grandparents.  
High fiving with you Great Granny makes for a pretty special day. 
 The special memories continued when Henry took a ride on the same toy semi truck his Daddy use to play on as a child. 
 I'm not sure if anything could have topped a ride on his Great Papaw's backhoe.  This little guy's love for construction equipment grows deeper and deeper! 
 Playtime with his second cousin sweet lil' Lydia.
 A little warm apple pie and vanilla ice cream.  
Play time with Great Memaw!
Great grandparent hugs are the best!
Big times away from home. :)
 A little lesson in gravy making.  Man I hope he is a quick learner! ;)
We had the sweet pleasure of heading to a wedding shower for my sweet friend Toni and celebrating her recent wedding in Denver.  It was quite a treat, and we miss her soooooooo since her move to CO.  I couldn't think of a happier bride to celebrate!
 It was a wonderful weekend filled with memories we won't soon forget.  I'm so happy to have captured some sweet moments that we will cherish forever.

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