Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What Do You See?

I see a huge dead limb that has fallen out of our oak tree in the front yard.  I see a blessing because we had been needing to have it cut out, and putting off the $100 or more to get it down.  I see the kindness of a neighbor who offered to help Barry break it up and put it in his truck to haul away.
I see a hideous sight in my kitchen, no kitchen cabinet doors.  I see the blessing of a retired wood worker who has offered to help build a custom cabinet for our new suspended microwave.   I see the power of friendship.  I see a blessing.

I see dishes on the counter that need put away.  I see evidence of a loving and kind husband who offers to make a healthy dinner when I'm bogged down by work.  I see love.  I see a blessing.

What Do You See from where your sitting? 


  1. I see about 4 to do lists with the same basic items. I see the gift of being able to read, write, and breathe. I see life.

  2. The biggest blessing anyone can ever get! A healthy baby boy with two blue eyes and chubby cheeks :).

  3. I see a beautiful afternoon walk with my puppy and a good friend. I see an evening of catching up on house work and starting my new bible study.