Monday, September 19, 2011


This past weekend we headed down to Somerset for my 10 year high school reunion.  I have been working on/thinking about it for a little over a year as the coordinator of all things reunite down there.  Facebook made it easy to get in touch with most people and to keep up with the guest list.  
Those days of high school seem so long ago, and even having a reunion makes you feel a bit aged.  I was looking forward to seeing whomever showed up.  And though I wish we had ended up with a larger turn out it was good to see the faces that were there.  My bestie from school Samantha wasn't able to make it since she lives in WA and had just made the trip home with her kids recently.  :(  
We headed back to the old stomping grounds for a football game Friday and then had dinner Saturday at the Harbor.  Fun times.

Old times

New Times

It was also a great chance for us to be able to spend time with mom and dad, and also have an afternoon visit with Katie and her growing little family.  :)  Blessings, blessings.  :)

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