Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Labor Day Fun in S.F.

This past Friday we lifted off and headed to the West coast for a lovely San Francisco wedding.  It was nice to visit the city again and enjoy some different sites and scenes we hadn't done before.
We loved the hotel we stayed at, Hotel Abri which was a little boutique hotel that had been renovated in a very modern theme.
We spent time walking the shops close by getting in some shopping on a couple occasions.  We met up with the Adwells, Richardsons, and Ryan & Whitney and Tabor for shopping and lunch on Saturday.  That evening was filled with walks around downtown and a trip to Ghiradelli Square for some lovely dessert with the whole gang including Winston and his bride Liz.
We had breakfast on Sunday at Dottie's one of the top rated little spots for breakfast in SF.  Which was evident in my our two hour wait outside just to get a table. I will say that this breakfast was one of if not the best of my life, and it was quite an experience!  Sunday evening we headed to the fabulous wedding and had a great time seeing everyone and dancing the night away.
Monday we headed over to the Argonaut hotel and stayed with Christy and Wes.  We spent the day exploring areas of the city we hadn't seen before like the marina district, the parks across from the Fisherman's Wharf, a few adorable neighborhoods with fabulous architecture, and a walk down to Chrissy Field to view the beach and Golden Gate through the fog.  We stumbled upon the beautiful Exploritorium on our way back and had a great time marveling at the sites.  We had dinner with Thompson that night at a great sushi bar and ended with some Ben and Jerry's delight.  :)
We flew back on Tuesday and were glad to be home.  It's always great to travel, and always great to sleep in your own bed.  Especially when it involves a new mattress and puppy you missed dearly.

Here are some pics to recap :)

One of our favorites!  It was so yummy I'd like to go for breakfast lunch and dinner to try all the crepes and panini's! 

Love that wall, love that man!

The boys being troopers while we shopped!

Ghirdelli Brownie and C.Chip Cookie Sundae's

Our first peak inside Dottie's

Waiting in line, oh so close!

Totally worth it and we ordered for a party of 30   :)



  1. Is Dotties one of the Man vs. Food stops? Looks amazing

  2. I think you mean Ryan & Tabor and Whitney! Haha love it!

  3. Oh geez I forgot Whit! I hope Ry isn't offended! ;)

    Dottie's isn't a man vs. food stop but it SOOOOOO should be! :) We at like beasts there! So yummy!