Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Scatterbrained Days

For those of you who saw my last few posts yesterday and wondered why I was trying to teach you about ESL, wonder no more.  
I am a complete and total mess these days.  :)  Between juggling school, training for Barre, leading a Girl Scout Daisy troop, and wrapping up grad school my brain has been struggling to keep it all straight.  So last night I sat here working away on my Graduate school ESL blog and instead of posting them to that site posted to Port of Thoughts....Oh me!  
I guess I could say I'm a big scatterbrained these days. 
On a different note, I made it through my training in Nashville and am continuing to study and learn more about Barreamped Method now that I'm home.  I went to class tonight with Leigh-Ann teaching and got a fantastic work out that had my muscles shaking.  :)  

Here is a pic of Suzanne Bowen, Megan, the other future BarreAmped Lex teacher, myself, and Leigh-Ann, owner of BarreAmped Lex.  I met some other great girls down there and am excited to go back again to learn more from them!

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