Friday, September 23, 2011

Behold, BarreAmped

(Suzanne Bowen-courtesy of

I couldn't be more stoked than I am right now about this weekend. I have been blessed with the opportunity to come to Nashville to be trained by owner and creator of BarreAmped fitness, Suzanne Bowen.  I have been so excited at the thought of teaching, after experiencing the amazing strength that BarreAmped has given me mentally and physically.  
Leigh-Ann has brought this fabulous class to Lexington at ElleFitness and allowed so many of us to see how challenging, motivating, and effective the BarreAmped method is.  
As excited as I was before arriving, I hadn't really prepared myself for how awesome this training would be.  I am even more amazed after being here to see the fitness knowledge and body awareness that Suzanne has and believes in instilling in her instructors.  Her focus is on form and keeping the body safe while making your muscles change into their strongest form possible.  I can't wait to see what the next few days will bring.  I pray that I have the mental and physical ability to be the type of instructor I'm hoping to be.  The possibilities here are endless.  :)  Thanks Leigh-Ann for this fabulous opportunity. 


  1. This is amazing!! I've always wanted to try pure barre! My sis and I will have to sign up for your class!

  2. I would love for you all to come try it out!!!! I'm going to mail her two free first time classes one for you and one for her!!!!