Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our First Glimpse of a Miracle

These first few weeks of the "knowing" have been strange, wonderful and challenging.  I have quickly found my way into the world of nausea but have managed to get the sort that lingers around all day long.  Barry and I find ourselves constantly smiling and excited at the thought of what's to come.  Having not seen the baby yet, I have been clinging to my iPhone apps like BabyCenter and BabyBump to tell me what is going on in my body each week.  Though only a lil' smaller than an inch our baby's heart is beating and it's hands and feet, brain and other organs are forming.  Seriously God is amazing.

But with it has come worry, that we both try our best to leave to God to take care of.  We wonder if it's growing correctly, and how it's doing constantly.  

Today we saw Baby C for the first time.  My eyes immediately tear up again just thinking about it.  All of a sudden we could hear a heart beat loud as it could be and there on the screen was the image of a baby.  You could clearly see it's head and body, and it's harms (yes it's hands on arms are apparently morphed to it's side at this point) flapping back and forth like crazy.  Almost as if it was waving to us for the first time.

Tears of great joy came into our eyes and I couldn't stop laughing at the first sight of it!  (thought this was discouraged from the ultrasound tech who needed my belly still).That moment changed our lives I'm sure of it.   Actually seeing our little baby put my mind at ease.  We left the doctor's office with a beautiful picture that needed me to stare at it.  (I don't think you should be allowed to drive home from this appointment, as having this picture became more of a driving hazard to me than texting out a novel on my iPhone.  I seriously encourage taking a cab people!)  
Now I am looking down at my stomach wondering what you're doing little BabyC.  I'm so happy to have you, and your Dad and I are the happiest people on earth today.  All because of you.  

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