Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Vlog

Valentine's Day was fabulous! Working with children you get tons of hugs and loving comments all day. Barry sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers with hydrangeas, YAY! We had a fabulous meal of shrimp and scallop Paella that we made together. So many of the recipes we use come from the internet, whether it's a blog or food site. I'm use to having the laptop set up on the counter but it takes up my limited counter space. We found that the ever amazing iPad fits write into my recipe book holder and were super excited. It was such a great tool to have and beats a cookbook anyday. (I can't think of any cookbooks that can also play Pandora)
The amazing aromas of fresh flowers, sauted onions and saffron were accompanied by the sweet sounds of Count Bassie, Charles Mingus, and other great jazz artists.
I had never used saffron before and it really did give the dish it's flavor. The scallops were huge and super fresh!
Working in the kitchen together was a pleasure and something we realized we should do more often. Barry deveined and peeled the shrimp while I blackened the peppers and then pealed the skins. We really had a great time prepping the food together and eating it!
What could be a better way to end a fabulous Valentine's meal but with chocolate covered grapes from Old Kentucky Chocolates! They are my absolute favorite. Maybe next year we will be amitious enough to make them ourselves.....although I can completely see that turning into an episode of I Love Lucy! We washed it all down with a great wine from Italy that was shipped to us from our club.
The best part of our meal was definetely the conversation. Slowed down time with Barry is the best. Somehow through a busy week it's hard to take that time to really talk about important things. Our conversations amaze me sometimes, he makes me feel challenged and supported no matter where the topic travels. This is love is a blessing beyond anything else I know. God is more than good.

Oh if only it hadn't fell on a school night! :)

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