Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our weekend thus far.....

Friday night we went downtown for the gallery hop.  Sarah had some work in the place next to Natasha's.   We met cute lil pregnant Jennifer and Brian and ended up @ two other galleries.   The Ann tower gal had all the lil ponies so Barry was able to see the one our kids at Southern had done.  We walked around enjoying the nice February weather and ended up at Natasha's for dinner.  I had skate fish or sting ray for the first time.    It was sooooo delish!  Tasted like scallops but more buttery in flavor.   Yummo!  We also tried lobster corn dogs which were super good.   
Yesterday we spent a ton of time working on computers yuck!   Can't figure out this apple thing!   I had a massage at noon and then stopped to see Pepaw. We had a good visit.  Granny and Cindy were in ironton because Mamaw is not doing well.  Barry spent the afternoon raking our yard getting the grass ready to seed.  We went to the UK S. Carolina game and watched Miller have a killer game!  They looked better than they had in a long time.   We got home and I spent about 4 hours screaming at computers and doing grad work.   Barry made us a cute lil fire outside and we had paella from vday.   Good times!   
We're now headed to Ironton with Sarah to see Mawmaw as she's in ICU.  Hoping she's doing better today.   

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