Friday, February 25, 2011

Hello Friday!

Came home to begin a two chapter readathon and review for my Methods class.  It turned out o he more grueling than expected ( over 3.5 hours ) Wes Cottongim was in town so Barry was able to go hang out with him for a while.  They had a nice visit together.  
I was able to finish up my work around 9:15 and get a small work out in.  Barry came home with flowers, sushi and a bottle of skinny girl ( I was craving )!   What a Guy!   We are settled down for the evening on our chocolate marshmallow of a couch to watch Secretariat.   
I got to speak with Sarah, Katie, and Dad today which was nice.  Mom and Dad are on their way to Daytona to set up some things up at their new place.  
Both sets of parents in Florida and here we sit getting ready to go cover up rose bushes to protect them from 24 degrees ......something's not right here.  ;)

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