Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday brunchday.

Saturday we woke up to a beautiful day in the bluegrass and thank goodness because we had work to do outside. Both our yard and Granny and Pepaws were looking pitiful due to the drought last summer so thatching and reseeding needed to happen fast. Barry has already thatched our yard earlier in the week so all we had to do was throw down the seed and some Preen (Pepaws idea) :) in the flower beds. With the lawn king, aka Pepaws instructions we bought tall fescue for our yard and theres because it's suppose to be drought tolerant and thick growing.
After our yard was finished we picked up Sarah and headed over to Granny and Pepaws. Pepaw seemed tired but it was so good to see him, hear him laugh, and of course crack a joke or two! We worked raking and then seeding their front yard. We were all three worn out and really don't see how Pepaw had been out there working on it by himself....he apparently thought he was Bruce Willis in Die Hard last week! :) Barry then headed to the UK vs. Florida game, and because I needed to take a shower after yard work, he took Sarah's boyfriend Cody to the game.
Saturday night we were able to catch up with Addie who was in town for a shower being thrown for Alison. We met Alison, John, Addie, and Rob down at the new pizza place on Old Vine for dinner. We had a great visit. Alison is only 6 weeks away from Wood's due date and looking cuter than ever! I'm so happy for them! It was of course fabulous to see Addie and I only wish we lived closer to each other.
Today we woke up and headed back to Broadway Christian church. We really like the new pastor their so far, and have a good feeling about it. We will continue to be thoughtful in prayer and know that God will lead us to making the right decision on a new church home. After church we headed to Alfalfa's for brunch with Sarah and Cody. Our food was delicious of course and Sarah and I made some good giggly fun as usual. We took another look at the beautiful horses on display at the Ann Taylor gallery as well. The rest of our day will be spent running some errands and hopefully watching a movie while it rains outside. :)

Happy Sunday!

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