Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Counting my blessings instead of.....sheep.


The last 24 hours have been spent relying significantly on Godsupport! Last night about 7:00 I recieved a call from Mom informing me that Pepaw had experienced a light heart attack and was in the ER. Words I didn't know how to react to but had to anyway. She proceeded to say that that from bloodwork done so far all things looked better than worse. Barry and I quickly put shoes on and ran out the door heading to Central Baptist ER. I felt better immediately after seeing Granny and Pepaw. We stayed in the room with them until about 10:00 and were able to meet his cardiologist Dr. Skinner who infomed us he would be staying overnight with a scheduled heart cath in the morning. Pepaw continued to have some chest pain throughout the next 12 hours.
It was tought to head to work, praying for peace for us all is what got me through the day. I called Granny at work to check on things and learned that Mamaw's doctors had called in the family because she was not doing well. I cannot imagine the amount of stress and anxiousness that must have filled Granny today. Cindy and Patty headed up to Ironton to be with Mawmaw while Granny, Chris, Dad, and Barry were at Central Baptist for Pepaws cath.

Good News~ Well, Pepaw did have an artery 90% blocked which required a stint and a few others with partial blockage which will hopefully be fixed with the use of medicine and a healthy diet. This was a scary thing for all of us to go through, but I'm sure everyone will sleep a little easier knowing what we do now. I don't ever like to think about life without a loved one, and this type of situation makes you reflect on those thoughts. My Granny and Pepaw have always had a special place in my life. The relationship we have is strong and greatly cherished. Barry feels the same way about them, and this moment will defintely be used as a reminder from God to love, and let that love be known to everyone we hold dear to us. Mawmaw seemed to be doing better today as well. Reports came back good from Jerry and Jim so we just pray for continued healing, comfort, and peace for her. We are blessed!
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  1. Having just lost my Mama(grandma) I completely sympathize with your thoughts. It was one of the hardest phone calls to get especially being so far away!