Friday, February 11, 2011

Sick day

Last nigh I met up with Paige, Laura, Lauren, and Sarah for dinner @ Drakes.   Today I woke up with a awful tummy ache which I believe had nothing to do with the wine....honestly!    So after getting dressed and ready to go to work I decided my stomach felt too much like a volcano to go.  So I called in and so glad I did.  Felt awful most of the day and slept for several hours.   I did get some grad work done but spent most the day cuddling with Keightley, watched Bridget Jones and rhbh.   I also started in on organizing all ky magazine clippings and filing them.  
Barry came home with groceries and a recipe for C
hinese sweet sour soup.   He made it for me and oh how delicious it was!   What a Guy!

Oh and notice the single rose he brought home too!

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