Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The most wonderfuly day of the year.

Christmas Day.
A reminder that our savior was born just for us; the greatest gift any man could ever receive.
We always have such fun giving gifts to each other as a reminder........but this year it was so much more special.  Watching Henry get excited as he walked out to see his toys, rip open packages and play with his new little treasures was a pure delight.

We learned that all the fun that comes with Christmas can quickly wear a little boy out.  He took an early nap and we got ready to head over to the Cooper's for a great day of celebrating and enjoying family.  It is amazing how much more crazy lively a little one can make the party seem. 

 Apparently we have a thing with hats over here...  :) 

We certainly feel blessed to have so much love, health, and blessings surrounding us this holiday season. 

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