Friday, January 3, 2014

21 months of knowing heaven on earth.

 Maybe it was the holidays, but this past month may have been the fastest of his life.  Here we sit with a 21 month old....I mean, do I even still count his age in months at this point?  I have an almost two year old. 
But ya know what?  It really doesn't make me as sad to think about as I thought it would.  2 sounds older than I feel he should be because, yeah time flies.  But he has honestly never been better.  I have likely said this every month, and so in case you forgot I'll say it again.  He gets more fun every month!  His little personality is blossoming to life, and this kid is funny!
He has got a few tricks up his sleeves.  Lately he has loved to pretend to be asleep and then quickly open his eyes with a grin.  This game is usually played in the car, and I have been fooled by his tricky ways more than once.  
He likes to hide things in front of you and then say "Where it go?"  I don't know Henry.... "I don't know either!" he will say.  
He loved Christmas and ripping into his gifts.  Out of everything knew he received he is still completely obsessed with basketball, football, and golf.  He 100% can not get enough.   Pretend tackles happen daily, full on throwing himself in the floor, legs in the air.  Hilarious.  
His sentences are growing and it's not a rare thing to hear him ask "Can I have mo apple peas mommy?" (Excuse me, your 21 months) ? 
Not only has he become more independent but he wants to make sure that you know it.  "Henry do it."  "Henry hold it."  He likes to tell us.  
He has a love of music and picks up on things he hears enough to sing along with you.  His favorite's this month were Jingle Bells, Frosty, Hush Little Baby, Tomorrow, and Santa Claus is Coming to Town. 
Though we are having moments of a little more spirited outbursts shall we say; he continues to be a sweetheart to the core.  Giving out free I love you's, hugs, and kisses at times and melting our hearts in the process. 

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