Sunday, January 26, 2014

Foto Reel January 26,2013

 We couldn't have packed more fun into this week if we tried!!!!!  Well, that is unless we had taken a few days to hit the beach.  :)

 We took a family walk to see the horses near our house.  Bundled in our hats knit by my mom and sent up from FL.  We stayed cozy and warm. 

 We took advantage of MLK day and had brunch with some of my teacher friends.  We then met B at the Children's Museum for an afternoon of fun.  It was a lot of fun to see Barry enjoy seeing Henry in that type of atmosphere. 

 We delighted in the snowy cold weather and got several good sleigh rides in together, and even built our first family snowman! 
 Henry had some fun play time this week with his peeps.  A little brunch date with his best girls and a a little bbq and music at Willie's  not a bad week for a 21 month old. 

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