Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Glow Snow

Our back to back days of sub zero temperatures have had us hunkering down indoors.  We haven't left our pajamas and have been thoroughly enjoying being shut ins.  I braved the frozen tundra to bring the fun indoors. 

 and ran with the wild beasts. 
 and questioned weather or not I was going to loose my gloved fingers to frost bite int the 5 minutes I was out there.  But all in the name of a little boy having fun, anything goes. 
We have enjoyed bringing the snow inside to play this winter.  But, apparently -4 degree snow is a little colder to play with than the regular stuff; leaving his sweet little hands hurting.  
So we quickly grabbed some gloves and dug into the cold white fluff. 
We discovered  snowflakes are pretty darn tasty!  
In the past, we had fun with our snowy indoor construction site.  Today we broke out the dinosaurs and some mini bowls for scooping.  

 He loved when he discovered how cold the snow felt on his cheeks, neck, and especially in his mouth.

Henry's preferred way to eat snow is from a dinosaurs mouth.....of course. 

 While opening the closet to get our bath toys out to use as snow tools, I discovered our stash of glow sticks.  Usually reserved for the bath but how could this not be fun in the snow?  So we blacked out the window, cut off the lights and had a glowing good time!

I can see us having some dark snow days in our future.  Glow sticks and snow kinda rocks!!!!  We even enjoyed them for round two in the tub. 

Of course a day of snow play means hot cocoa, snuggles by a fire, and a few good snowy books. 
"Mo mashymellows peas."
Hope everyone else is staying warm and cozy in this frigid winter weather. 

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  1. Priceless, sweet, precious memories. AAAND GLOW SNOW!?!? Amazing. And genius!!!!!! xx