Monday, January 13, 2014

Week Recapped

The past week was spent taking baths, becuase we made messes.  

 Eating popsicles, disassembling our Gingerbread house in a fashion that may have resembled a demolition site. 

 We found reasons to enjoy the cold weather outside, cuddling up in the basement with a nice little fire while watching a special treat of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
 We got our creative juices flowing with a little playdough.
And we got worn out.  We put our house on the market this week and prepping for it.....well let's just say it's less than relaxing.  So when little moments like this come along, to snuggle this ever growing boy in our bed, I reach out and grab them like a catcher trying to keep a man from 3rd. 
This week I swear he grew more, talked more, laughed more, than any other week we've had.  This sweet baby boy is easily my biggest bud. 

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