Monday, January 20, 2014

Henry the 8th meets Rupp Arena

This past Saturday we took this sweet boy to experience his first UK Basketball game.  It was the perfect age to take him and was exciting from the moment we told him.  He jumped throughout the house saying "Wildcat Backetball" but little did he know what he was in for.  
He was excited just to see the court alone.  As the scene he usually shouts about on the TV screen came to life he began to clap.  Then came the players, music, fireworks, and wah lah; the boy was in heaven.  
In usual Henry fashion, he became serious for most of the outing.  Studying every movement and every sound, speckled with dance moves and giggles of excitement, shouting "shoot it" for whatever team had the ball.  
It was about time that Henry the 8th, born the day the University of Kentucky won their 8th National Championship sat in attendance. 

Now the little mascot is running around our house shaking his pom pom saying "yayayaya "Jump Arena" aka "Rupp Arena"


  1. Yay! What a fun day for your sweet family! Too bad we didn't run into each other. Maybe Henry and Eli will be buddies at UK one day :)

  2. What an awesome experience :)
    I love "jump arena"...haha so cute.

    1. Right? I'll probably say it wrong from now on. :)