Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Crafts

Through the holiday season we have tried to made a few attempts to get our Christmas craft on.  This momma put on her brave pants and took off his to get messy and fun with real paint.  I saw a Pinterest post that used household sponges to create stamps.  So I cut a simple tree shape, grabbed some green paint and let this little elf go to work.  
He was so cute to watch when we broke out the red paint.  He loved decorating them and was very careful in his placement on some, while going crazy with others.  I get a kick out of watching him be creative. 
We had a fun craft day with his buddy Lock, where we let Pinterest inspire us once again.  (seriously how did mom's craft before this site?)  It was a mom/son joint effort on this activity.  

 The boys enjoyed bringing out their inner elf as they grabbed paint brushes and painted their bodies masterpieces. 
 We have also had fun decorating this year.....which is a form of crafting right?  I love glamming up the decor with all the Christmas decs each year but this year was even better.  Henry couldn't have been more excited to help us decorate the big trees, and had even more fun doing one of his own.  I bought this little mini tree for his bedroom when he was in my belly two Christmas's ago.  Never could I have imagined how special that tree would be.  He enjoyed putting balls on and then taking them off.  "Mo ownaments"  he would say. 
 We debated on whether or not we should keep ornaments to a minimum this year, or only decorate the top half as some parents do.  In the end, I decorated my trees just like I have any other year, glass garland, ornaments and all.  We established a no touch rule from the beginning, which has worked for the most part.....(after we took the golf clubs to the basement).  We also got him a touch tree just for him.  Anytime he has tried to touch the big tree or started grabbing ornaments I have pointed him down the hallway and it has worked.  Though not so into decorating it, he likes to play Godzilla and wrip all the ornaments off so that I can put them back on and us do it again.   Hey, it's better than him climbing our actual tree!!
I can't believe Christmas is almost upon us.  I will be sad when the magic and fun of the season are gone.  There is never a more cozy feeling in our home than at Christmas. 


  1. You're a bold and fun mom! Henry is lucky to have ya!

  2. Thank you Blair! We should get the boys together sometime to make messes together!

  3. The "touch tree" is such a great idea. Smart momma :)