Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Santa came to town.

This week we took Henry to have cookies with Santa at the Signature Club.  I personally have been on the fence about the whole Santa bit.  The thought that I am going to lie to my child for the next 6-8 years sounds kind of ridiculous.  Why will he ever trust me again after that!?  
But that's a rant for another day.  
So into the horse drawn sled we went, off to see the Clause.

Favorite song currently, jingle bells.  Getting to ring some may have made his night.  
Until we walked in to see Santa and Mrs. Clause surrounded by children, lights, cookies, and hot cocoa.  
"Play Santa"  he would say. 
This is going to be great we naive parents thought. 
So somehow "play Santa" turned into "no Santa".  Fast.
So we scooped him up quickly and grabbed a few shots of him skeptically assessing the situation.  
 His buddy Lock was in attendance as well, and though he did not cry (took it like a champ)  he looked about as sure of Santa as an elephant staring at a tight rope.  

I'm pretty sure they will both be a little more impressed by the great Clause when he comes to town with that bag full of toys. 


  1. Ummmm the monogram on the side of Henry's hat???!?! SO STINKIN CUTE I CAN HARDLY STAND IT!!!! Love reading about your precious family!!! xx

  2. Thanks so much Elise! The hat is made by The Beaufort Bonnet Company. I just began working for them this fall and their stuff is silly adorable for kiddos! :) Hope you are having a great Holiday season.