Monday, December 9, 2013

20 months of Knowing Heaven on Earth

20 Months- This monthly birthday makes me a little crazy inside because I can't help but think we are only 4 months from you being two.  Insanity.

At 20 months Henry is really beginning to experiment with the world around him.  We celebrated his day by a lunch at the park as I watched him climb up the stairs, race through tunnels, hide from me, and go down slides.  All on his own.  No help needed from this momma. 
He enjoys a good chase, or hide and seek these days.  On this particular day he got a thrill out of saying hello to his shadow and pretending a stick was a 5 iron. 

His vocabulary and sentences continues to grow and he has really enjoyed imaginative play these days.  He has really enjoyed pretend play with his animals, or crafting with play dough.  Tackling has become a favorite move these days.  "Tackle Daddy, Tackle Mommy."  Or tackle his football and any stuffed animal he can find. 

We had an ear infection this month so we got weighed at the doctor's with a whopping 23.5 lbs.  He is still in 12-18 month shirts and pants but in 18 month for jon jons etc. 

Our favorite funny moment lately has been:
He came down the slide and landed on his rump rather hard.  He came up to Barry and said "kiss it". Since that is what we do with boo boos he made the connection.  Barry asked......"kiss your butt?"  And with that the little man bent over.  Ha!

He has really enjoyed singing lately and likes to finish the verses for us in Hush Little Baby, Twinkle Twinkle, and his new favorite.....Jingle Bells.  

He loves to count and will sometimes count on his own to 12.  Usually with a golf club in hand before he strikes the ball. 

He is a constant joy and is making our Christmas season so special.  The delight in a child really helps you see the reason for the season. 

Thankful beyond measure.  GB2G

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