Saturday, December 28, 2013

How Christmas Began for us.

The days leading up to Christmas we...........

 Celebrated truck stop Christmas style.
 Put on our Sunday best and enjoyed having little man in big church with us.  It was sweet and special to hold him and listen to the Good News. 
 We started up a new family tradition by making a gingerbread house together.  
 As we headed down to south to visit my parents we enjoyed the 7th annual bourbon tasting contest. 
 Mom and I made our annual cookie factory in the kitchen.  Spreading sugary goodness everywhere!
 and exchanged a slew of gifts playing Santa is always fun!  Especially when kids are involved. 
 Found peppermint suckers in our stalkings. 
 Ate cookies in our Christmas pj's. 
 and diapers.
 and listened to stories read by Pop. 

Spending time with family, participating in what is now a long strand of wonderful family traditions.
Watching Henry play with his Nanny, Pop, and cousins.  Watching him enjoy Christmas treats and hearing his sweet little voice talk about Jesus.  This holiday season got off to the best start ever. 

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  1. So lovely!! I think a bourbon tasting contest sounds something right up my family's alley! SO fun!!