Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Tooth Fairy

Chompa Chompa Chompa


Slurp, Chomp, Nom

Since last Monday lil' man has been working very hard.  You see there is a little white spot that has been fighting it's way out into the light.  It finally broke in the last twenty-four hours, Yes my little baby boy is cutting his first tooth.

The weeks leading up to this moment were filled with gallons of drool and hands in the mouth.  Now you are chomping on all your toys, chewing on your paci, and sucking on all articles of clothing around you including but not limited to blankets, blouses, shirts, and oh as of yesterday, toes!  :)  

How are you so old already?  I mean your're 21 weeks old and cutting your first chomper?  I hope this doesn't set a precedent here because I'm ok with you not walking till you're two, not driving till your 20, and not marrying till your 55.  


  1. My little guy got his first tooth at 4 months and it was miserable! Strangely enough, the others didn't catch up until 8 months!

  2. Really? That is interesting! I would totally be OK with the rest not coming in for a while. I feel like it's way to grown up! :)