Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nurse Mom

Veteran Moms Warning:  This post is written from the perspective of an amature.  Please try to be sensitive to my inexperience and the protective armor I wear.

Today I got a glimpse of what a sick Henry looks like, and I could go an eternity without ever seeing it again.  We took him in for his 4 month wellness visit and discovered that we have a long and lean lil' man on our hands.  Weighing in at 14lbs and 25.5in long our guy was happy and alert, winning the hearts of nurses and doctors.  
Then came the shots.  He took them like a champ.  

Unlike the first set of shots though, these had an ill effect on him.  It started with an extremely sleepy boy, then moved into a fussy little guy that I no longer recognized.  
I began to ask myself "Where did my Henry go?"
He didn't want to eat much and began feeling warm.  A temperature of 100.9 soon followed.  Whimpers and tears sprung from his face if he was anywhere but on my chest.  After a phone call in to the nurse line we gave him his first does of tylenol.  
My heart was breaking for my baby boy, whose limp little body only wanted to be held.  
So I did. 
 For several hours. 

The tylenol did help and our resiliant little guy gave us a few smiles and laughs before feeling tired and ready for bedtime.  

I am so thankful for his health and that I have not had the experience of nurturing a sick child.  
Because let me tell you friends, I don't like it.  
Not one bit.

I can not imagine the helpless heartbreaking roller coaster that will come with his first real sickness.  Though something tells me it will get easier each time, I am sure that the mothers instinct to protect and take care of him will never go away.  So Henry be prepared because you may be 45 and married but this momma is still bringing chicken soup to your house when you get a cold. 


  1. As every momma should!!! I remember that helpless feeling and it sounds like you did everything perfect! Those sick moments are so scary but the snuggles are pretty sweet!

    1. OH I couldn't agree more. The snuggles were lovely! :)

  2. They really are so small and helpless at that stage! Hope he's 100% better now!

    1. Thanks so much. He is doing better. Still working with a fever and sleep but he is smiling when he's awake. :)

  3. Awww...poor little guy. Glad that he is doing better now. I love that picture of his tiny hands. So sweet :)

  4. Oh, I am so sorry :( Preston always responded the same way after shots. It made my heart hurt when she was sick, and still does. I hope tomorrow he is himself again!

    1. Thanks! He is just now getting back to himself...Whew that was rough. makes me dread 6 months. I'm sure you're right, I can see this is something that probably won't get easier with time.