Friday, August 10, 2012

Foto Reel Friday -18

This week I have soaked up every last drop of this guy.

Trying to take in the last bits and pieces of just us, as I slowly eased back into the work force.  Life that doesn't involve mommy 3 1/2 days a week. 

 He got to hang out with his 2nd cousins for the first time, Emma and Lexie. 

 Dinner with the boys. :) 

 I took more nap/snuggle time with him this week than my laundry or dust bunnies would like.
 We had lots of staring contests

 I put him to sleep by taking him out in the rain to listen to it softly hit or tin roof covered patio.
 When he fell asleep in my arms I may have watched him for a while before laying him in his crib.

 We read some good literature. 
 We napped to some Thelonious Monk.
 Cuddled with Daddy on an extra day off. :)

 I tried out new fingers to suck on.
 Did you notice I got cuter? 
 Had 4 month shots.  Boy oh boy we didn't like them. 

 "Can you believe how cute I am in this?"              "Ok mom enough is enough!"

 After feedings he has started liking to kick back and chill or talk to me.  It's quite the fun little bonding time. 
I'm looking forward to a weekend with you my man. 


  1. awwww...he is so incredibly cute!!

  2. What a cutie! You look awesome too!

    julie @ naptime review

  3. Hey Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by my blog. Your boy is a cutie! Love that bassinet too :)

  4. Hi Elizabeth, Thank you for stopping by Adventures of the Triple B's! Your little man is adorable! I snuggled with my Wee One every single day of his first four months and I am so glad that I did, because he started crawling very soon after. Then he wanted to cruise which has been a lot of fun, but sometimes I wish he would just cuddle with me more. :o)

  5. Oh my goodness you have such a darling precious baby!!! Love those eyes.
    Best wishes back to work.
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  9. Stopping by from the Naptime Review. Very cute little baby you got yourself there :)

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  14. What a cutie!! Hi, I'm your newest follower from Operation Fabulous.

  15. Such a sweet baby boy! Love these pictures!
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    Barbara @ Chase the Star

  16. So cute. Aww he's so young. I went back to college when my daughter was 5 months old. It was tough (especially as I was pumping in the toilets every break instead of getting to know my class mates). As long as you know you're leaving them for the right reasons it's all good. Good luck with it

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