Friday, August 17, 2012

Foto Reel Friday - 19

This week has been a big one in many ways.  After our 4 month shots Henry had days of not feeling well.  It took him almost a week to get back to normal.  He refused to take a bottle. Perfect timing with a mom going back to work right?  So I had to slip away from meetings to nurse him when nothing else would work.  He decided he hates his car seat this week.  This was confirmed after a 45 minute scream/tear fest up the interstate.   He decided sleeping through the night was for the birds.  Let's play a game Mom, it's called I'll wake up every two hours.  :)
Boy I look forward to our 6 month shots!  :)

Through all our new changes though who can blame him.  Nothing seemed to phase his cuteness though and his cuddly, talking, fabulously exciting personality. 

He started throwing his body into a back bend every time he was placed in the rock n' play.  *sigh, I think our days in this fabulous rocker are numbered.  

So we gave the bumbo another try. Score. He loved it.
If you haven't noticed he has also started grabbing his feet quite a bit.
He wore shoes for the first time this week.  For two reasons.  1. this momma likes baby bare feet.  2. we finally fit in our shoes.  
Unfortunately when we took photos of this moment there wasn't an SD card in the camera....Um I'm pretty sure a high tech camera should have a warning alarm go off if you hit the shutter button without a card.  Come on Canon!

He attended his cousin Noah's 1st birthday party.  He had fun hanging out with the fam!
notice in the middle.  One shot.  Shoes on feet! :)   

 He had a nice visit with his Great Granny and Pepaw! 
He went to dinner with his buddy Lock.  

He showed Daddy around the arboretum.  

 When prepping for a bath he decided to stake a claim on Dad and show him who's boss.

Yep that's what you think it is. 
 I'm handsome and I know it. 
 He was watched quite a bit.  I observed every move he made this week because our time together was precious.  This awesome Daddy did everything he could to make my transition a little easier.  Making dinner when he got home and scooping up flowers to make me smile.  What a guy!
 If he woke up stirring in the wee morning hours, I scooped him up and placed him in bed with us.  Hey, a momma going back to work needs all the cuddles she can get.
 Each afternoon when I got home we read lots of stories.
 And we giggled..... A lot. 
 This is my Hercules.  But God gave me the strength I needed this week.  I got through it.  I worked, I cried, I was a teacher, a wife, and a mom.  Go us! 


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    1. Woohoo! Thanks so much. I can't wait to have fun with that post!

  2. What a cutie!Loved looking at his toes. SO cute!
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  3. Awe, your little man is just the sweetest! Love the pictures this week.

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