Friday, August 3, 2012

Month 4 of Knowing Heaven on Earth

If you had told me on April 2nd that in 4 quick months I would be so use to your company that even driving in a car by myself would feel awkward, I wouldn't have believed it.  
So much about you has changed already since birth, although it can make me sad/sentimental to think about how tiny you once were and how big you've gotten I'm thankful.  Thankful that I get to know you a little more each day.  As your personality blossoms I am realizing you are more special than I ever thought possible.  
 One morning you woke up and were no longer an infant.  You seem to be a real person, someone I can carry on conversations with (hey, words only comprise 7% of language), laugh with, and watch the world fly by.  

Your laugh is infectious, and we sometimes get into a cycle that can't be stopped; you laugh, I'll laugh, you laugh harder, I laugh harder.  It's the best sound I have ever heard.  
 This month you started:
  • Sucking in your bottom lip and making a goofy face. 
  • Growing leg hairs on the bottom half of your leg.
  • Began growing more dark furs on the top of your head.
  • Putting your feet together as if to clap them.
  • Noticing your cute feet and at times grabbing them.
  • Using your whale tub instead of the Puj tub in our sink.
  • Using your float at the pool.
  • Sleeping through the night (on an inconsistent basis)
  • Wanting to be laid in your crib instead of being rocked to sleep. (this breaks my heart)
  • Noticing everything around you and turning your head to find things.
  • Laughing
  • When holding onto our fingers you go from laying down, to sitting up, to standing.  Oh you love to stand.

Thank you Henry Thomas for making us proud.  
You continue to rock our world, in the most amazing way possible.  Oh how I love you Sugarbear!


  1. Look at that sweet, sweet boy!! And yay for sleeping through the night - even if it is inconsistently!
    Nikki at Bedazzles After Dark

  2. He is adorable!!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Can't wait to read more of yours!