Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thankful Hearts

 Thanksgiving week kicked off with a sweet celebration at Henry's preschool.  It's fun to see him in that type of environment and to watch him light up when we walk in the room.  We started off thanksgiving morning with the unbeatable tradition of the Macy's parade and a visit from Gran and Pops.  Both kiddos got a kick out of watching; Henry was glued to every performance and Mallie Lynn got excited because she thought Snoopy and the rest of the character were waving to her.  "He wave to me!!!"  she exclaimed.

Our trip through the woods and down to the river was enough to wipe a girl out.  
 Greg and Patty hosted down on there land and it couldn't have been a better setting for all of the Miller's to gather.

After an unfortunate injury Henry enjoyed chillin on daddy's lap most of the night.  Mallie Lynn found her new favorite person when aunt Karen let her shovel all green beans and asparagus off her plate by feeding aunt Karen.

 Topping the list of thankful gifts from God are these two extraordinary people.  A treat far greater than anything we would find on the dessert table, and our family has some phenomenal cooks.  They certainly warm our hearts and I can only hope to be so awesome should I be blessed to be a grandparent someday.

Thankful hearts, full belly's and the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year.  God's blessings are always abundant but I feel it now more than ever.  

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