Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas Eve Festivities

After our fun with Nanny and Pop it was time to head up to the big Christmas Eve party.  We got a bit more dapper than usual and packed into our cars for Christmas song singing.....
                                                                             and naps.
 The Peak of Christmas season for me always begins to surface at our families Christmas Eve party.  It is loud, it is fast, and it is joy filled fun.  We all laugh, smile, catch up over small talk and dive into the deep talk too.  Our family had so much to be thankful for this Christmas Eve with happiness bubbling through the rooms over good health news and all but two family members there in attendance.  Goofy personalities, talented minds, and big hearts make up this family I am so grateful for.  Each one of us unique yet connected and bound with a fierce kind of love.  
 This moment ensured us that we would have an eventful evening.  This picture perfectly captures the  time I got peed on while attempting a family photo, washed a Christmas dress in a sink, and blow dried it in the bathroom before redressing my child.  Tis the season for flexibility and a laugh. 

 The camera captures everything, like the real faces you capture before getting the smiles we ask for, and I kinda love it!!!!

The late night fun and excitement took a tole on my little people and had them wearily walking over for hugs that let me know it was past our bedtimes.  

I guess that's what happens when you are making memories, time flies forward and the night is gone before your eyes. 
Time especially flies when you have your eyes shielded from the night.  Mama may have made one two many camera attempts....
 The food is always on point at every family event we have and this year was no different.  Instead of traditional Christmas dinner aunt Cindy made a huge pot of Keeneland burgoo, talk about delicious!  The dessert table did't disappoint either and left all of us reaching to loosen our belts.
These two started something wonderful and they've never stopped.  They are the light, life, and love of this precious family we hold so dear.  I am so thankful for another Christmas celebrated with them.  
 It's always sad to see this party end but the anticipation of Christmas morning lingers around the corner.  We all left with smiles, full bellies, and a sense of gratitude to be a part of something so special.  

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