Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Celebrating Barry

We love a good celebration around here and most especially when it comes to Barry.  Given many options on how to ring in 37 he chose to be with his family, eat his favorite foods, and watch UK basketball.  So BBQ, BBN, Key Lime Pie, Ice Cream Cake, and No Bake Cookies filled our bellies.  

 Is it just me or do they kinda look like twins here?????
 I hope this kinda father/son love is heriditary.

 Pulling out 30 year old G.I. Joe toys was the highlight of Henry's Barry's day.  
 Making an attempt to teach Henry about the game of checkers on a board his Grandfather made is some kind of awesome I don't know that many birthdays get to see.  

Capping the night off with a much appreciated date made everything that much more wonderful.  

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