Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Kick Off

Christmas Eve Eve kicked off with Captain America visiting Nanny and Pops.  We all felt sure that we were safe from any arrival of the Grinch with his watchful eye on the prowl.  
He even took the time to stop his work and bake with his Nanny.
We had Christmas dance parties and enjoyed looking at all mom and dad's decorations that have been around for a decade or two....or three.  
We sure love having daddy home to play with!!
Little miss got to help Nanny in the kitchen and enjoyed her first obligatory counter sit in mom and dad's kitchen.  :)
We had to watch out for Captain America in the kitchen too, he can be a super smooth when it comes to stealing chex mix. 
Cousin piles were a plenty as they played, opened gifts, ate, and created all kinds of loud Joy in the house. 

Henry wasn't a fan of any of his stocking goodies..... 
The fun of opening toys was enjoyed by everyone big and small.
The 8th annual taste of Kentucky went down with as much enjoyment as usual.  
I love the traditions we have created over the years; the baking, cooking, Christmas movie, cousin play, present packed fun fest of visiting my parents always kicks off the excitement so perfectly.  As usual it went by way to fast this year and before we knew it we were heading back to Lexington for the Miller family Christmas Eve party.  It is such a whirlwind of treasured blessings that we experience and I love looking at photos and savoring all the moments.  

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