Monday, December 5, 2016

Deck the halls.

I'm a sentimental gal and a lover of Christmas who finds putting up the tree to be my perfect recipe for happiness.  (OK, aside from getting the lights to work).
The shine, sparkle, and nostalgia behind each ornament never gets old.  Since having children our tradition goes that we have the kids help us put up their ornaments and a few others and then we finish decorating after they've gone to bed.  I find such pleasure in hanging each one and having a memory or feeling hit me.  Childhood art and gifts from grandparents no longer with us are some of the most emotional to place on our tree.
Of course having children brings a whole new type of magic to the season.  It's more than the twinkling lights and Vince Guaraldi Trio in the background, it's that we are making memories that hopefully spark happiness in all of our hearts for a lifetime.     

Henry enjoyed the process like never before.  I don't know how many times he said "this is so much fun."  He loved pulling out ornaments he remembered and hearing us tell him the history behind them or who gave them to him.  Finding the perfect spot, he carefully pulled the hook over a branch and let them hang; no longer needing our help to hang each one.  Growing up and gaining independence and doing these life activities right beside us.  
"Look mommy this one is just like our big picture!"
 Hanging an ornament and hearing how it was made by his Pop for his first Christmas.  
 His favorite of all was the jolly wildcat attacking a cardinal.  Oh goodness!
 Miss Mallie Lynn had a bundle of fun this year too.  She cracked us up with her playful way of looking at the ornaments.  Why wouldn't you try to ride a tiny rocking horse or try on a glass baby bootie?  
 Finding her angel wings and finding the perfect place for them; this girl knows how to melt our hearts.  
 I was in pure Christmas heaven surrounded by our greatest earthly blessings and loving life.  One of those nights you don't want to end and wishing that the season would slow down for us to wrap our arms around more moments like this.  
 Mallie Lynn's "girl who knows what she wants" attitude shined brightly as she pointed and loudly announced Exactly where she wanted her ornaments to go.  She was so excited to pull out ornaments, and was sometimes disappointed when we had to break it to her that some she loved were Henry's.  So finding her pink and pretty ornaments that were all her own brought quite a thrill to her little heart.  
Sometimes my ornament placement didn't quite suit her...
Henry was so excited to place the angel on top and sweet Mallie Lynn wanted to get up high for the fun too.  

Putting up the tree got the kids some kind of wound up and in some serious case of the sillies.  We watched a good game of couch bounce, nutcracker puppeteers and witnessed Mallie Lynn's first and hopefully last depantsing.  

Poor girl.  
 Truly the most wonderful time of the year, I just wish it wasn't packed into such a short amount of time.  I wonder though, if we had more time than we are given to enjoy the magic of Christmas would we take it for granted?  This is why I'll keep my halls decked till mid January and try not to pout when we have to say goodbye.  What a special year this is going to be.  

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