Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hello summer

hello summer
It's time to put your ice cream bowl on your head like a hat while you wait for your Pops to serve you homemade ice cream. 
 It's time to climb in the pool bag. 
 and meet your pals at the pool. 
Submerge yourself in the water.
 Get outside and dig in the dirt.
 Grab your favorite partner in crime and play some ball. 
 Because it's summertime, and around here that means the fun has begun.  It's our favorite time of year, the months where you make memories that will warm you through those cold winter months.   Where the days are long and oh so fun. 
 So soak it up.  Dive right in.  It's sweet summer time. 

1 comment:

  1. Of course I just left a comment that seems to have been eaten by cyberspace.
    Basically, Mr. H has the right idea. I'm about to emulate his moves in the inflatable kiddie pool I will soon be purchasing for my backyard. Redneck? Maybe (so don't judge)...but I'll probably pay the money to join a real pool next year when baby B can enjoy it and make fellow baby friends :)