Friday, June 20, 2014

Father's Day Fun 2014

 After rounding up our big fun filled day with Thomas the Train we decided to pack up for the lake...what's a couple more hours of driving in a day?  The trip was well worth it as we enjoyed family time together, pajama boat rides, bacon and pancakes for breakfast and Henry's very first Sea-Doo ride with Pop. 
 On Father's Day the houseboat was filled with extended family and even more smiles from all, as we enjoyed the blessing of good weather, great company, and yummy food.
Ahhhh this is the life.
Time with my boyfriend is always appreciated too. 

Time with Daddy is oh so sweet.  I love watching these two play together, it's a serious love fest between them! 
 We are so thankful for this daddy.  He loves his family oh so very much.  We couldn't be more blessed with a provider and God loving man in our home.  
I felt like one lucky girl, celebrating Barry, my dad and grandfather all on the same day. 

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