Thursday, June 12, 2014

The twists and turns of 2.

No one can say you enter the two's blindly; it's the age most affectionately called the terrible 2's.  To say I fully understood what that meant before now would be a lie.  It's not all terrible.  In fact most of it is glorious as I am watching this little person develop and learn about the world around him; but it's the moments of tantrums, screaming, or rotten mischief that cause you to feel a wee bit like a crazy person.

As each day passes he learns more and becomes more like a little person who I get the pleasure of hanging out with everyday.  He entertains us to know end, whether it's watching him play one of his 90 games of baseball a day, listening to him sing,  or watching him enjoy a treat.

This kid has pizazz and a zest for life that apparently causes him to dispise sleep.  Lately he has been fighting the necessary activity in the form of spastic crying, blood curdling screams, or ploys to get out of said sleeping activity by telling us he is hungry or thirsty.   This can be weary for a mommy and daddy.  (and worrisome with a newborn on the way)  As with everything a child goes through I'm hoping it's just another sleepless phase, and that it will pass quickly.

Yesterday he fought his nap, as he does any form of sleeping; only this time it lasted an hour......and he won.  No nap at all for this little ball of energy.  When I finally went in to save his tonsils from caving in on themselves, I told him we were going for a walk.   I needed to get out of the house and I thought he should too.  While on our walk I asked him, "Henry why were you crying so much about not wanting to take a nap today?"  His quick reply, "because I missed you mommy." 
There you have it in a nutshell.  The ups and downs of a toddler, and the moments of sweetness quickly wipe away any of the frustrations that it brings.  We spent the remainder of the walk holding hands as I pushed he reached up for my hands while in his stroller and we pushed on down the road enjoying the day. 
The things we are currently loving to hear him say:
 Our favorite thing said lately: (Mommy/Daddy) "you my friend!"  
  • "Come ON guys!"
  • Taking a big bite of food you commonly refer to them as "Bubba Bites" or "Mickelson Bites" (golfers to anyone not familiar, that he loves to watch play)
  • When wearing his Reds hat and Votto shirt he apparently goes into character.  We were greeted by a man in the grocery store who said "Hi there little Buddy!"  Henry looked at him with a completely stone cold expression and said  "I'm Joey Votto!"  He has since referred to himself as Joey whenever he is feeling extra fine.  
  •  "That sounds ridicuwus!"
  • While taking a bubble bath, he plunged his plane into the water while asking "Where did it go?"  then realizing he was also squatting down with his little bum in the bubbles to he began to ask "Where did my rumpatump go?"   **dying laughing
  • While swinging his bat outside while we played he started to spit on the grass.  B and I looked at eachother grinning and asked him, "Why are you spitting?"  and he said "Cause I'm getting ready to be a batter, and spit like da Cincinnati Reds do."  *bahahaha
  • After he had taken a bath I said goodnight to him and told him that I was going to go take a bath too.  He asked me if I was "going to play basketball,  play with buckets, and have bubbles, and pee in their?"  (Guess we know what he does in the bath now.) 
He has been prepping for the role of big brother quite well lately.  Asking, if he can feel, hug, and kiss MLC.  Telling us "I love my sister" and how he will "learn her to play golf and baseball" someday.

The trials and tribulations of the two's may seem rotten in the moment of it all, but how terrific it is to watch this little human become who he is in this world.   To see delight in the small things, and to enjoy everything with a gusto and passion we all could take note of.  

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