Monday, March 25, 2013

Looking at 36weeks 365 days later.

 This weekend a year ago Barry and I stepped outside on a warm spring Saturday to take maternity pictures. 

On Sunday I folded baby clothes and did some nesting.

On Monday we took our 36 week pictures to document the last few weeks of our pregnancy.  Little did I know it was the last time we'd be doing that. 

 Oh the difference a year can make.  It was an amazing journey to be a part of and looking back at what happened I can only be thankful for all the wonderful joy I've seen this side of that bump.  Looking at these pictures I can almost feel the heavy ghost of a belly once applying so much pressure to my bladder I could hardly walk.   Thinking about those memories makes me smile, and I foresee a lot of reminiscing for me over the next week, as the impending 1st birthday approaches.  It's hard to believe such time has passed. 


  1. 1st birthday!!!! SO bittersweet, oh so blessed :)

  2. Totally forgot you only made it 36 weeks! Can't believe it's almost been a year :) What a special time for you and Barry. And baby Henry, of course!