Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Boys Rock. especially on a horse.

There are certain moments I pictured when I thought of a little you.  I couldn't see your face, and I didn't know your personality but I knew what type of boy I felt God had in mind.  
The type of little boy who will make me mud pies, who will crush bugs in his hands and hold them up to me with a proud grin on his face.  The type of boy who giggles.....a lot, Who makes himself laugh, who loves to throw balls yet can sit quietly and listen to a concerto.  The type of boy who can wear a mismatched tee, dirty sneakers, and a fedora and look like he is ready for a spread in baby GQ.  The type of boy who gets skinned up knees on a regular basis but still wants to me to wipe the tears away when it hurts. 
The type of boy who likes ponies.
The kind that rock. 
The kind that make ya wanna say giddy up.  
So forgive me sweet son when I couldn't wipe the smile off my face the day I introduced you to your little rocking friend.  Your admiration for him, and quick show of balance put just one more seal of approval on my little boy momma heart.  It was one of many signs showing it's face around here lately that your creeping away from being a baby and moving ever so swiftly towards being a boy.  

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