Saturday, March 9, 2013

Foto Reel 48

 This week we finally made our big road trip to enjoy a bit of family we miss so much.
Henry had yet to have the pleasure of meeting his great grandmother Mallie Louise Cooper.  Oh what a joyous occasion this was.  
 We were able to celebrate her 93rd birthday while we were there which was an added bonus.  Happiness beamed from her face being surrounded by three generations of Cooper boys.  And who could blame her with this handsome crew?  What a special moment for us all.  
because what's more important than family? 
Henry had some good QT with the Coop boys
We were able to visit with Henry's other great grandparents on the Dunn/Edwards side and enjoyed watching them interact with the spunkier version of himself.  He was about 5 months old the last time they saw him and quite a lot has changed in his little self since then.  
We were so proud of how well he did on this trip.  The car ride down was great and he couldn't have been better despite being out of his routine.  
Of course rides are always fun when your Pops is in charge of pit stops like this. 
And apparently hotel beds are nothing short of an amusement park ride.  At least that's what Henry thought. 
 We can hardly believe he is now 11 months old.  It seems a bit scary to know I'll have a one year old before I know it.  
 We had cause for warm hats when we returned home. 
 Our last snow of the year and a snow day we enjoyed to it's fullest.
 Another week of being a boy.  Another week of us loving this boy.  So blessed.


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