Tuesday, March 5, 2013

11 Months of Knowing Heaven on Earth

 How did this happen guys? 
 Where has the time gone? 
 Where can we find it?  Maybe I'll look for it.....
 It's not under here. 
 Not behind here.
 Maybe it is here but moved so fast I can't see it....
 I know I'll sneak up on it.....Oh time, time where are you?
 Found it.  No more hiding under that pillow. 
 Oh time, how you've been good to me.  You've created me into this handsome little baby.
 A fun loving guy.
 Who can be oh so serious.
  More charming than a royal prince. 
And such a silly goose.

 Yes those are your legs baby boy. 
 They're really that long now. 
 It's OK, you should be proud. 
 You're awesome, no need to be modest.
 I mean it. 

11 months brought us:
  • Pulling up on furniture and cruising.  You like to walk circles around the coffee table.  
  • A fast little crawler who likes to chase and be chased all over the house.  
  • Holding fingers and walking around the house is still a favorite past time, only now you enjoy walking with one hand at times.
  • Balance, you are able to stand on your own and have been seen doing so while clapping or playing with a toy.
  • A new game of up/down we say the word up and you pull up on furniture we say down and you squat down.  
  • Two and a half weeks of sleeping through the didn't last but I think we're on to something.
  • More interest in table foods.  You've decided you like the taste of things you despised in the past.  You like to feed yourself peas, cheese, bread, and cheerios.  You are still eating two meals a day and having a good snack in the afternoon.  Snacks are usually yogurt, cheese, crackers dipped in hummus, apples, pears, or bananas. 
  • Size 4 shoes, 6-9 month onesies, and 12 month john johns.
  • Screams, some of delight some out of anger.
  • You learned how to throw small fits.....I'm pretty sure that only gets better with time. 
  • Started taking baths in the tub like a big boy.
  • 11 months going on 1.  It's so hard to believe, and you just keep getting better.


  1. LOVE every.single.picture. And seriously how is your little man going to be a YEAR old already?! #craziness

    1. Girl tell me about it! It puts the saying time flies when your having fun to a whole new level!