Saturday, March 16, 2013

Foto Reel 49

A visit from great grandparents can brighten anyone's day.  It was an absolute treat for us all to get to spend time with them last weekend. 
 We had a little car party with his buddy Lock as Lizzy and I met sweet baby Sawyer at the hospital. 
 Henry is getting more and more playful every day.  He likes to explore, chase, and be chased, throw balls and get into whatever he can. He can turn anything into a toy.  An empty box, plastic container, paper towel rolls, an even the ever exciting toilet paper.... oh yeah.  He pushed, pulled, stood next to and even bit the plush white stuff. 
 We had a glimpse at spring as the weather warmed up into the 60's  and beckoned us outdoors.  
We found joy in watching bubbles float across the air.  Dirt found it's ways to these tiny fingers for the first time and the new experience of crawling in grass brought wonderment to his sweet little face. 
 We discovered branches that were good enough to eat. 
 A little walk to the park gave us a chance to slow down for a moment.  Breathe in the air, watch the ducks sit on their nests, and try to see a little spot of nature through this sweet new set of eyes we have.  Thanks for making us look at spring in a whole new way. 

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