Monday, March 25, 2013

Foto Reel - 50

Henry and Keightley became closer buddies this week.  Henry gets an absolute kick out of him and K is being so good with him too.  

Henry found his way into a box all by himself.  Which was amusing to watch and amazing at the way he worked his body to wiggle inside.  

Being on top of the world isn't so bad either.  Ya know you can see so much from up here!
He has changed so much this past week saying more words he now has hat, apple, bye bye, added to his list.  After bath one night he got wrapped up in his lion towel and I told him that lions say rooooaaar.  That statement quickly followed with this little parrot mocking me with a tiny rooooaaarrrr back.  He kept at it for a good minute or two, enough to make his little throat soar.  When asked, "What does a lion say?" he can now reply with a roar!  Daddy taught him that cows say moo ( though his version sounds more like boooo)  and he also began repeating that sheep say baaaaaa.  His little brain is amazing me! 
Daddy came out of his mouth more than once with a little begging. Though he still likes to just look at us most of the time when asked to say mommy or daddy.  

The boy found a bear in a box. 
 Though our beloved Kentucky Wildcats dissappointed this March we still have a little basketball action going on in this house. 
He had some good quality time hanging out with his buddy Lock at Wendy Corner.  Dinner with these two was pure entertainment. 
Mr. Personality keeps on shining.  Especially at dinner time. 
St. Patty's day was celebrated by attending Henry's First parade!  (read more here.)

He got dedicated at church.  GB2G (read more here.)
 And we all stopped to smell the newly blooming daffodils. 

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