Monday, December 24, 2012

Foto Reel -38

We have had a grand week leading up to Christmas with my Christmas break getting started there has been plenty of time to enjoy the goodness of this sweet boy. 
We’ve spent lots of time thinking about family and the important things in our life.  We are thankful for a health scare this week that brought us to our knees, and having prayers answered always makes you feel grateful for things big and small. 
 Henry had a tough time cutting teeth once again.  His front left tooth popped up proving he is ready to take on bigger and better foods.  Poor baby. 
 Much to my delight we saw snow on Friday.  A grin bigger than the moon spread across my face at the sight and the joy of getting to show Henry the magical white fluff.  It turns out he has a love for it too.  As we stood looking out our window he kicked his legs and squealed a bit, to see his world being covered in white.
He helped us finish up our Christmas shopping at the mall and was a delight and charmer every where he went.  
 Trader Joes had him mesmerized with the dangling ornaments everywhere. 
He enjoyed playing with friends for a little Christmas party.  And almost began crawling for the first time when Savannah came to see him.  He couldn’t stop smiling and reaching for her.  

  We still had time for acting like total goofballs, which seems to be our favorite past time. 

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