Sunday, December 2, 2012

8 Months of Knowing Heaven on Earth

Well if this months photo shoot doesn't showcase our non stop moving 8 month old I don't know what does.
Look at the big dude!  
 "Yeah, look at me."
 "Oh hello friend."
 "I'll wrap myself in an invisible cloak and then get a good long pet in." 
 Second #1 sitting in the chair.
 Second #2 "Um is that a blanket I see?"
 "oh feels nice"
 "Well if it looks like organic, yarn and tastes like organic yarn."
 "Yep I guess it is."
" Look Ma, No hands."
 "Hiiiiiiiieeeee Ya!"  Daddy has been taking be to Tae-Kwan-Do

 "JJJOOOOOOOYYYYY to the WOooooooRRRRRRRLLLLDDDDD!"  (impersonating Clark Griswald)
 "Santa?  I know him!!!!!!!"

 Practicing his whistle.
" Hang on, hang on, you mean to tell me that this chair is going to keep getting smaller?"
 "That's CRAZY!"
 "I mean what kind of place is this?" "I feel like Alice in Wonderland!" (the male version)
 Well I'm gonna get on out of here guys.  

 See ya later. 
 Wait, here's that blanket again.
 "Upon second examination this thing tastes like marshmallows."
 "Could someone turn on the music please? "
 "Cause, I feel like Daaaaaaaanciiiin!"
 "I'm to sexy for my....."
 "Just throw yo toosh in the aieeerrr and wave it like ya just don't caaayer."

 Ya gotta shake
 And ROlllllll.
 "Goodness why didn't you tell me this was a glider?"
 I can'ttt Get
 "This is a riot guys, just a total and complete riot!"
 "You should try this sometime!  Seriously!"
 That's a wrap folks.
Eight is Great.

Always has been my favorite number, and looking 8 months of heaven in the face couldn't be any better.

This Month he:
  • started crying for his mommy and daddy when we leave a room, drop him off at church nursery, hand him off to someone else to hold.  *I secretly love separation anxiety
  • explored new foods  like butternut squash, green beans, and began his love affair with cinnamon.
  • started pulling up in his crib
  • started rocking back and forth like a seesaw on all fours
  • rolling to get things he wants
  • lunging from sitting position to diving onto his belly for toys
  • fully manipulating his pacifier on his own (which is weird to watch might I add)
  • playing games on his own with us.  He will initiate peek-a-boo with his hands.  Play head taps with mommy for giggles, and grab daddys nose or cheek for fun.
  • A sighting of tooth number three began on the top left side of his mouth. 
  • Began using his johnny jump up and jumparoo
  • Started saying Da da da da da da da da all the time!  among other phonemes he likes to throw around.  
  • He has found his outside voice.  Aka he can scream.  :)  He does so out of joy and when he really needs you to know something is up. 
  • He moved up in diaper size from a Honest Company 3 to a size 4.  Pampers size 2 to size 3. 
  • He became more lovable, fun, and hard to leave for this momma than ever before. 
  • Once again found ways to dig deeper into our heart with his infectious smile.  

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  1. Yep I just wrote about mine turning 9mths, time flys by so fast